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Our gallery is pleased to offer the following books as a supplement to our regular booklist. Included in this list are rare, out of print titles as well as books that we will no longer be carrying in inventory. Please call our gallery if you wish a condition report on used books. In most cases we only have one copy of a given book so please order early. Prices and availability subject to change

MONOGRAPHS (Listed alphabetically by name of artist):

1. THE PAINTINGS OF FRANZ BISCHOFF, by Jean Stern. 1980. A catalogue of the retrospective exhibit held at Petersen Galleries. A brief introductory text is followed by color and black and white plates representing 134 of Bischoff’s paintings. 46 pp. 8 ½” x 10”. Soft cover $99.00

2. RODO-BOULANGER GRAVURES: 1961-1972. 1973. Recollections of the artist are followed by photographs demonstrating the steps taken to create her lithographs. Written in English, French, German and Spanish. 128 illustrations, some in color. 81 pp. 13" x 9 ½”. Lacking the 8 original lithos. Used Hard cover $50.00

3. THE WORLD OF MARC CHAGALL by Roy McMullen. 1968. An oversized well illustrated volume. Chapters on color and substance, space & reality, mysticism, the painter in the mirror, structures and shapes, printmaking, images and meaning, stained glass windows, music, ballet theater. 69 reproductions of paintings & sketches by the artist, 56 pages in full color. 267 pp. 13 Ό” x 10 Ό”. Used. Hard cover $35.00

4. PAUL DELVAUX, by Antoine Terrasse. 1973. A survey of the work of Belgian artist Paul Delvaux whose paintings have been described as surrealist in spirit while classical in method. Included are an interview with the artists, biographical summary, filmography, bibliography and a study of the artist’s work. 24 color and 36 black and white illustrations. 79 pp. 11 Ύ” x 9 Ύ”. Used. Hard cover $20.00

5. R.C. GORMAN, THE LITHOGRAPHS, by Doris Monthan. 1978. Foreword by Jules Heller. A biography of Gorman followed by color plates of his lithographs presented chronologically with introductory comments. 163 pp. 12 1/4" x 9 1/4".  -SOLD-

6. JOHN GOULD: Bird Man by Maureen Lambourne. 1987. An illustrated biography. Illustrated with many color plates. 112 pp. 8” x 9 ½” Hard cover $45.00

7. PERCY GRAY 1869-1952 and THE GRAYS OF SALISBURY: An Artist Family of Nineteenth Century England by Donald C. Whitton. 1970 & 1976. A history of the artist, Percy Gray and a history of the artist’s family. Both well illustrated in color and b/w. Each 94 pp. 8” x 9”. Percy Gray (hard cover)/The Grays of Salisbury (hard cover). Used. Two book set $125.00

8. HARRY JACKSON by Larry Pointer and Donald Goddard. 1981. First edition. Notable for the artist's series of 9 commentaries on specific works and/or groups of works. Foreword by Peter H. Hassrick; introduction by John Walker; includes 3 technical appendixes, plus biographical chronology, select bibliography and index. Signed "Good luck, Harry Jackson 1981" in black ink on half-title page. 397 illustrations, 104 in color. 308 pages. -SOLD-

9. PETER McINTYRE'S WEST. Second printing 1971. Book of McIntyre’s sketches and paintings of the western United States from the Rockies to Hawaii. 56 tipped in color plates of paintings by McIntyre as well as numerous black and white illustrations. Oversized. Unpaginated pages. 14” x 11 ½”. Used. Hard cover $29.95

10. LEROY NEIMAN: ART & LIFESTYLE. 1974. A selection of Neiman's finest work is highlighted by the artist's notes on the people, places and events he has painted. 350 reproductions, 300 in color. 285 pp. 13 Ό” x 9 Ύ”. Used. Hard cover $45.00

11. LILLIE MAY NICHOLSON 1884-1964: AN ARTIST REDISCOVERED, by Walter Nelson Rees. 1981. A story of the artist's life, a survey of her paintings and a complete catalogue of currently known works. Illustrated in color and black and white. 85 pp. 11 Ό” X 8 ½”.  -SOLD-

12. LEONARDO NIERMAN by Julio Cortazar & Max-Pol Fouchet. 1975. An essay by Cortzara & poem by Foucet introduce the art of Latin American abstract artist, Leonardo Nierman. In French, Spanish, English. Well illustrated. 141 pp. 13” x 13 Ύ”. Used. Hard cover $40.00

13. GEORGIA O'KEEFE, by Georgia O'Keefe. 1983. Text by the artist is supplemented with 108 large illustrations, most in color. Includes chronology. 14" x 10 ½”. Used. Soft cover $20.00

14. 12 YEARS OF PICASSO PRINTS AT AUCTION 1979-1990 (including ceramics) by Albert Wehner. 1991. Contains 14,017 auction records. 45 pages of prints are cross referenced by catalogue raisonne numbers. 11 ½” x 9". Hard cover $75.00

15. THE WESTERN ART OF FREDERIC REMINGTON by Matthew Baigell. 1976. 27 pages of text with b/w plates followed by 48 color plates. 75 pp. 9" x 11 1/2". Used. Soft cover $10.00

16. SPECIAL MOMENTS: E.J. ROBINSON, AN ARTIST IN NATURE, by E.J. Robinson. 1986. Artist E.J. Robinson discusses his philosophy about painting as a means of self expression. 31 color plates representing examples of his work are accompanied by brief recollections by the artist. 95 pp. 8 ½” x 11". Soft cover $20.00

17. NORMAN ROCKWELL, ILLUSTRATOR by Arthur L. Guptill. 1975. Thirty years of Rockwell's most famous works are included in this volume that offers a pictorial panorama of a growing and changing America. 437 illustrations, 43 in full color. 208 pp. 12’ x 9’. Used. Hard cover $15.00

18. G.H. ROTHE, MASTER OF THE MEZZOTINT CATALOGUE RAISONNE by Pierre Restany. 1983. Illustrated with 171 plates in full color plates and nearly 100 plates in b/w, plus color photo section showing the artist at work. 271 pp. 12 Ό” x 11 Ό”. Hard cover $75.00

19. THE CHARLES M. RUSSELL BOOK - The Life and Work of the Cowboy Artist by Harold McCracken. 1957. A biography and picture gallery of the famous cowboy artist with 35 full-color illustrations, more than 150 black & white reproductions, notes, index. 256 pp. 13 ½” x 10 Ύ”. Used. Hard cover $45.00

20. MILLARD SHEETS: ONE MAN RENAISSANCE, by Janice Lovoos and Edmund F. Penney. 1984. In this profile, the authors outline the life of a man who has made many significant contributions to modern art and design. This book contains 155 pages with many illustrations in color and b/w. 10" x 11". Hard cover $99.00

21. ARTHUR FITZWILLIAM TAIT: Artist in the Adirondacks. 1986. An Account of his career by Warder H. Cadbury and a checklist of his works by Henry F. Marsh. Illustrated in color and black and white. 344 pp. Used. Hard cover SOLD

22. DONALD TEAGUE, A LIFE OF COLOR, by Claudia Meyer. 1988. Profusely illustrated with 100 color reproductions chronicling the artist's work. Text is based on extensive interviews with the artist as well as on the artist's personal records. 103 illustrations, 100 of which are in color. 128 pp. 9 ½” x 10". -SOLD-

23. WHISTLER: THE FRIEND by Elizabeth R. Pennell. 1930. Joseph Pennell, husband to the author, was a famous illustrator and friend to Whistler. Discusses Whistler's early artistic life & his involvement in the Society of Three with Henri-Fantin Latour and Alphonse Legros. 20 b/w illus. 183 pp. 6 Ύ” x 7 Ύ”. Hard cover $29.50

24. ZUNIGA by Ali Chumacero. 1969. This monograph focuses on the sculptures of this great Costa Rican/Mexican artist. The text, written in Spanish and English is supplemented by 98 illustrations, most in black and white. Approximately 140 pp. Limited edition of 4,000 copies. 14 Ό” x 10 Ύ”. Hard cover $99.00


25. A CENTURY OF AMERICAN SCULPTURE, TREASURES FROM BROOKGREEN GARDENS. 1988. Founded in 1930, Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina displays this nation's most comprehensive collection of American sculpture. This book presents 50 of these sculptures as they appear in their breathtaking surroundings. 87 illustrations, 61 in color. 126 pp. 13 ½” x 11". Hard cover $60.00

26. AMERICAN CERAMICS 1876 TO PRESENT, by Garth Clark. 1987. Contains information on the achievements of over 200 different artists working in clay during the past 111 years. Includes a list of significant exhibitions and more than 170 biographical essays. Over 100 color illustrations, 140 in black and white. 351 pp. 12" x 10 ½”. Hard cover $150.00

27. THE AMERICAN REALISTS – HOMER TO HOPPER by Mahonri Young. 1977. Brief biographies and examples of 15 American realists including Homer, Eakins, Cassatt, Sargent, Henri, Glackens, Luks, Sloan, Bellows, Kent, Kuhn and Hopper. 48 color plates & 128 b/w illus. 208 pp. 11½’ x 10 ½”. Hard cover $25.00

28. BAYSIDE IMPRESSIONS: MARYLAND'S EASTERN SHORE AND THE CHESAPEAKE BAY, by William L. Thompson. 1984. This book featuring 22 watercolors by James Drake Iams, A.W.S., depicts the towns, villages, boatyards and people of this waterfront area. Illustrated with color plates and black-and-white sketches. Historical text by Thompson. 10' x 8". 148 pp. Hard cover $25.00

29. CALIFORNIA PAINTERS - NEW WORK by Henry T. Hopkins and Jim McHugh. 1989. A survey of the work of the 41 of the state's most noted contemporary painters is presented with 124 of their works reproduced in color. Includes the artist's personal statements. 143 pp. 12" x 10". Soft cover $30.00

30. CONNECTICUT AND AMERICAN IMPRESSIONISM. 1980. Catalog for three exhibitions held concurrently in three locations celebrating the beauty of Connecticut, the vital role that it made to the development of American Impressionism and the importance of its early art colonies. 213 works by 40 artists are featured. Substantial biography on each artist is supplemented by a chronology and exhibition checklist. 23 color illustrations, 78 in black and white. 184 pp. Used. Soft cover $75.00

31. CONTEMPORARY WESTERN ARTISTS, by Peggy and Harold Samuels. 1982. A documentation of Western artists living and painting today. Over 1000 artists listed. Biographies. Illustrated in color. 608 pp. 11" x 9". Hard cover $100.00

32. EARLY CALIFORNIA IMPRESSIONISTS, by Ronald Walker. 1993. Printed in conjunction with an exhibit organized by the Nevada Museum of Art highlighting the collection of Ronald E. Walker. Bios of 32 artists are included with representative examples of their work. 50 color plates. 128 pp. 9" x 11". -SOLD-

33. THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF SAN MATEO COUNTY CALIFORNIA . 1974. A limited edition reprint of the Moore & DePue’s 1878 publication including the addition of the history of the making of the original publication and maps documenting the locations of the properties pictured. Illustrated with 64 large black and white reproductions of the original stone lithographs. 109 pp. -SOLD-

34. IMPRESSIONISM, THE CALIFORNIA VIEW. Catalogue for the 1981 exhibit at the Oakland Museum. Color and b/w plates. 104 pp. 9" x 12 ½”. Soft cover $75.00

35. MONTANA IN MINIATURE, THE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF MONTANA FROM EARLY EXPLORATION TO EARLY STATEHOOD BY Philip G. Cole. 1966. Includes descriptions of Lewis and Clark, early trappers, Indians of the region, outlaws and vigilantes, Custer and the Little Big Horn, cattle industry, and much more. Full-page illustrations in color and black and white by Olaf C. Seltzer. 103 illustrations in total. 216 pp. 11” x 8 ½”. Used. Hard cover $80.00

36. THE NEW PATH: RUSKIN AND THE AMERICAN PRE-RAPHAELITES by Linda S. Ferber and William H. Gerdts. 1985. Catalog for the exhibition at The Brooklyn Museum. 128 illustrations, 21 color plates. 8 ½” x 11". Soft cover $29.95

37. NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ART EXHIBITION CATALOGUES (1878-1915): A DESCRIPTIVE CHECKLIST & INDEX, compiled by Ellen Halteman Schwartz. 1990. Provides bibliographic descriptions and an index of ninety-eight catalogues for exhibitions held in Northern California prior to 1915. Includes indices of artists, owners, sponsors and printers. 16 b/w photos of prominent artists of the day. 142 pp. 11” x 8 ½”. Soft cover $25.00

38. THE PASSAGE, RETURN OF INDIANA PAINTERS FROM GERMANY 1880-1905. 1990. Traces the progress of a generation of Hoosier artists who studies together at the Royal Academy of Painting in Munich in the 1880s and returned to the US to achieve national prominence as Indiana landscape painters. 116 color plates. 280 pp. 12” x 9”. Hard cover $80.00

39. PRIMITIVE PAINTING: AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE WORLD'S NAIVE PAINTERS, by Drago Zdunic. 1981. Beautifully illustrated oversized book with approximately 300 large color plates. 327 pp. 16 ½” x 13 ½”. Used. (please call for shipping charge). Hard cover $75.00

40. SELECTIONS FROM THE EDGEMARLE COLLECTION: AMERICAN WOMEN ARTISTS 1860-1960. Introduction and catalogue by Barbara Zabel. 1987. Illustrates and describes each painting in the exhibit held at the Lyme Academy Gallery in the fall of 1987. 39 artists represented. 39 black & white illustrations, 4 color. 48 pp. 9" x 8 ½”. Soft cover. $20.00

41. 300 YEARS OF AMERICAN ART. Formerly called American Art Analog. 1986. This two volume set presents a complete a panorama of American painting from its beginning to the present, as well as a guide to collecting and pricing. Biographical essays on over 820 artists include color plates representing each of their works. Also included are a glossary, bibliography and index. 1029 color plates. 1021 pp. 11 ½” x 9”. Hard cover $199.00

42. WHO'S WHO IN AMERICAN ART, 16th edition. 1984. Profiles 10,700 contributors to the visual arts field in the US, Canada and Mexico including artists, administrators, historians, educators, collectors, librarians, critics, curators and dealers. 1186 pp. 11 Ό” x 8 Ύ”. Used Hard cover $39.95

43. XIT: BEING A NEW AND ORIGINAL EXPLORATION, IN ART AND WORDS, INTO THE LIFE AND TIMES OF THE AMERICAN COWBOY by Caleb Pirtle. 1975. Art and text by 10 modern western artists of the Texas Cowboy Artists Association. #6402 in an edition of 50,000. Signed by the author. 89 illustrations, most in color. 156 pp. 12 Ό” x 12 Ό”. Used. Hard cover $40.00

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